Cowtown Great American Clean Up on the Clear Fork

Cowtown Great American Clean Up on the Clear Fork

The Story

 On March 26 Trinity Coalition and the North Texas River Runners joined the Cowtown Great American Clean Up to clean up trash on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River National Water Trail.We met at 8AM behind the Old South Pancake House and Fairfield hotel to put in using the portage trail below the foot bridge. The North Texas River Runners club put in at Trinity Park to focus on the trash around the white water features.  There were also groups working on the land so that together we got a lot of trash off the river (at least until the next storm).

  • Trip Date:

    Apr 13, 2022

  • Submitted by:

    CleverMutt System

  • Put In Location:

    Behind Old South Pancake House at portage trail

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  • Launch Site Conditions:

    Muddy. We had to place reeds to make the mud less treacherous

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