Trinity River National Water Trail

The Trinity River, a hidden ribbon of natural wonder, runs almost unnoticed through one of the busiest and fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States.

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Clean Trinity

If you are a resident of the DFW region, you live here because of the Trinity River. The Trinity River is our water supply. It provides water that comes from our faucets and the water that is in all of the soft drinks and craft beers that are made in the DFW region. Our pets drink Trinity River water. We water our lawns with Trinity River water and wash our cars with the same water.

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The goals of GreenSpaceDFW are (1) to help establish a large, urban nature park by assembling all the publicly-owned land in the Upper Trinity River corridor and (2) to help the City of Dallas implement its approved Great Trinity Forest Management Plan. In both situations, Trinity Coalition is going to encourage the local municipalities to seek approval of a National Park Service unit designations for the nature areas.

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